Purpose: construct an ecumenical Christian educational forum for equality and inclusion and against the discrimination of marginalized persons, groups, social minorities, new movements and social agents.

Strategy: Encourage the education and concientización of the general population and especially churches regarding the affirmation of the values of equality, solidarity, liberty and the defense of democracy and human rights.

Methods: Preparation and divulgation of articles and bibliographies; spiritual retreats and spaces for reflection; meetings for church leaders from various denominations; scholarships; workshops, lectures, dialogues, debates; investigations aimed at providing a better knowledge of minority groups and the unmasking of myths about sectors that suffer marginalization and discrimination.

Need: Regrettably, even today churches and pastors “attack the weakest sheep,” defame certain minorities and promote discrimination and violence against them. For example, divorced men or women are not allowed to continue as pastors; married men and women in general are not allowed to be priests, a single mother and her daughter are not allowed to receive communion, an effeminate boy is not allowed to attend Sunday School or be a catechism instructor in his parish.

Many suffer in silence such manifestations of discrimination, which do not permit them to discover their dignity as God’s sons and daughters and to participate in an open religious community, such as the one to which Jesus invited all persons of good will.

The Argentine Other Sheep Foundation for Non-discrimination seeks to call attention to those actions of powerful religious fundamentalisms that manipulate religion and distort the texts of their Sacred Scriptures¸ thus promoting the very discrimination, injustice and violence against minorities, the “weaker sheep,” those “other sheep” that Jesus sought to include in the new community of his disciples.

How may I participate?

1 Helping in the preparation of resources and materials, and in teaching (in talks or workshops) on themes that encourage respect for discriminated minorities.

2 Establish spaces for reflection in churches, high schools, universities and other organizations interested in talks or workshops on these subjects.

3 Join us in faithful intercession that God liberate our churches and other institutions from all the prejudices that foment injustice and discrimination.

4 Collaborate economically in the development of this ministry.

I have
other sheep
that are not of this
I must bring
them in also.
(John 10.16)

Thus says the Lord, the Liberator God…Because you shove with the flank and shoulder, butting all the weak sheep with your horns until you have drivaway, I will save my flock, and they will no longer be plundered.
Ezekiel 34:21-2

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